The Right to Reason

with Robert Stanley

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I believe...


We all have a responsibility to make a positive difference on the people around us.  As a Humanist, I am concerned about peoples health, education, civil rights, and personal dignity.  Please consider contributing to one of the very important movements or charities below so that you can make a difference in someones life today!


We have often been told to hide our good deeds as if we were ashamed of them.  Sometimes we may feel that if we tell others of the good thing we have done, it squanders the gift we gave.  These sentiments are simply not true.  Speaking out about the kindness you have shown someone else motivates others to do the same.  

After donating, please message robert by clicking the link below so that I may let others know on the show!  


If you prefer me to leave your name out of the announcement, just leave that in the message as well.  Even if someone knows a gift was made anonymously, it still will be an encouragement.  

Thank you for making a difference.


You have The Right to Reason with Robert Stanley